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In-Memory Computing

Green Mountain Semiconductor has a long history in memory design, both from within the company itself and from prior work experience of our team. Since 2015, we have worked on in-memory computation with the aim to reduce power and increase performance. Our expertise with commodity memory product development led us to realize the potential to leverage the high parallelism inherent in the memory architectures.

We have worked on two consecutive NSF grants to develop IP around in-memory search and artificial intelligence algorithms embedded into the memory hardware.


Previous Experience

  • Commodity DRAM design (LPDDR, DDR up to 2GB, 6.4GB/s)

  • SRAM macro design up to 128MBit

  • Emerging memories (STT MRAM, Phase Change Memory)

  • Memory PHY design in various technology nodes down to 7nm

  • Development of product prototypes (256M LPDDR2-NV and 32M SPI Flash-replacement) with error correction code (ECC)

  • Specialty memory R&D (ultra low temperature DRAM circuits)


  • In-memory computing based on SRAM, DRAM and Phase Change Memory

  • Self-contained in-memory neuromorphic compute solution​

    • Multiply Accumulator​

    • Programmable Activation Function

    • Multi-layer control sequencer

    • Sparse network support

Patented Technology

Green Mountain Semiconductor has several patents granted and pending in the field of commodity memory architecture, error correction code and in-memory high-parallel data processing.

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