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High-Performance Computing

Green Mountain Semiconductor brings a sophisticated expertise in memory and high speed I/Os design.

This allows to maximize in-memory computation with the aim to reduce power and increase performance and leverage the high parallelism inherent in the memory architectures.

Green Mountain has the know-how to develop a full-fledged PHY on advanced technology nodes for the specific purpose of enabling high-speed data exchanges between memories and the CPU


Examples of completed projects

  • Commodity DRAM design (LPDDR, DDR up to 2GB, 6.4GB/s)

  • SRAM macro design up to 128MBit

  • Emerging memories (STT MRAM, Phase Change Memory)

  • Memory PHY design in various technology nodes down to 7nm

  • Development of product prototypes (256M LPDDR2-NV and 32M SPI Flash-replacement) with error correction code (ECC)

  • Specialty memory R&D (ultra low temperature DRAM circuits)


  • In-memory computing based on SRAM, DRAM and Phase Change Memory

  • Self-contained in-memory neuromorphic compute solution​

    • Multiply Accumulator​

    • Programmable Activation Function

    • Multi-layer control sequencer

    • Sparse network support

Patented Technology

Green Mountain Semiconductor has several patents granted and pending in the field of commodity memory architecture, error correction code and in-memory high-parallel data processing.

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