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Special Purpose Applications

We develop ASICs for special applications such as radiation hard memories for the aerospace and defense industry, full custom analog and mixed signal chips for 3D integration and more.


Aerospace and Defense custom ASIC design. Radiation hard AI memory IP with focus on low power and high performance edge computing abilities. Ground penetrating radar feature extraction etc.

Blood pressure monitor

Medical Device integrated circuits such as RFID chips for patient monitoring and diagnosis. 

Our neuromorphic edge computing IP results in less RF noise, increased data privacy and alleviates large cloud computing data loads. 


Custom prototype and IP development.

Our R&D team is experienced in creating test vehicles and prototypes for early technology development and lithography yield monitors. We often develop product prototypes alongside the ongoing technology development process and work closely with device and manufacturing experts to deliver the test vehicles they need, while already preparing for the initial launch products simultaneously, so that you can bring your licensed technology to market in the shortest time possible. 

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